Ready for Launch

If your head's in the sky, why keep your feet on the ground? With a simple tap, fly smoothly to thousands of locations in the Solar System. Watch a sunrise through the rings of Saturn. View a comet from the surface Mars.

Extensive Data

Millions of stars. Tens of thousands of asteroids, comets, and satellites. Thousands of planet and moon surface features. Millennia of eclipses. 3D meteor showers. You might think you need to spend a lot of money for this much depth. Think again.

Amazing Views

Beauty is all around you. Hold Luminos up to the sky for motion tracking to identify that bright object. Or just admire the sunset with accurate Earth atmosphere modeling and terrain from your actual location.

Telescope Control

With Luminos and a compatible WiFi serial device, you can aim your telescope directly from the app. Calculate optimal equipment combinations. Track synchronized observation lists and challenges. Observe and learn.

Looking for Satellites

Quickly look up flyover times for satellites such as the International Space Station, then follow their paths across the sky. Even ride along for a closer look. Or speed up time and watch thousands of satellites whirl around the Earth.

Attention to Detail

Enjoy access to thousands of included articles on stars, constellations, and deep space objects. Browse the largest deep space image catalog of any mobile app anywhere directly in the sky.

Who We Are

We are John Stephen and Brian Albers, and Wobbleworks is our family business. Together we have more than 50 years of hardware and software experience, from small startups to large enterprises such as Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle. Now we're focusing our passion on crafting astronomy software that will delight you.
We pride ourselves on providing top-quality software for a fair price, without advertising or hidden charges. Find out why our customers rave about our apps.
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