Items of Interest to Wobbleworks

We regularly encounter people and organizations that inspire us, educate us, or help us out. Although we labor to give every source for our programs credit in the apps themselves, sometimes we want to call out other sites and resources that we are thankful for at Wobbleworks.

Peninsula Astronomical Society

Our home astronomy club, serving much of Silicon Valley. A very friendly group with regular star parties and speaking engagements. This club also operates the Foothill College Observatory.

Universe Today

One of our favorite sites for astronomy news, with frequent updates and a down-to-Earth writing style. Always something interesting to read, and they are very active in the community.

Billion Planets Quest

Philip A Cruden let us know about his great collection of art and astrophotography, and we were very impressed. Lots of well-done videos that remind you just how exciting space can be.

NASA Solar System Exploration

In addition to providing content used for articles in Luminos, the NASA Solar System Exploration site is just amazing fun to explore. Everything from puzzles to interactive mission guides is right here.

IAU Minor Planet Center

The Minor Planet Center of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory provides free and open access to all the data regarding the small solar system bodies. All of the updates from Luminos for these bodies comes from the MPC.


A project of the US Air Force, Space Track provides a web portal to its satellite and debris information. If you want power user access to satellite data, this is the place to go.


CelesTrak and Dr. T.S. Kelso have been making orbital element set data freely available for many years. CelesTrak provides the ability for Luminos to gather satellite data without any account registration or login.
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